Who are we?

Mashaquipe Eco Tours is a community founded tour operator CERTIFIED in Responsible Practices in Sustainable Tourism with the “GREN ACTION” seal, achievers of the EXCELLENCE IN SERVICES certificate granted by the world wide travelers forum TRIPADVISOR and many other awards achieved. Founded and managed by a society of Indigenous families from the community Villa Alcira, we offer different packages to the Rain Forest in Madidi National Park as well to the Yacuma Pampas sites of unforgettable beauty and exuberant wildlife. Our native guides, nature wise, with many years of experience interpreting nature will show you and teach you the prosperity of the pristine forest and pampas, providing you a complete experience of learning and enjoying nature, combining activities like hikes, navigation, observation of wildlife, river rafting and demonstration of the way of life among others.

The Indigenous families owners of this eco touristic enterprise have built ecological lodges with local materials, respecting the natural environment and its landscape, to welcome tourist that seek a close contact with the Rain Forest in Madidi National Park and in Yacuma Pamas.

Mashaquipe Eco Tours has the policy to organize programs with small groups to reduce the negative environmental impact in the trails and in the forest.


Provide quality eco touristic services with social and environmental responsibility giving the opportunity to persons who wish to have an unique and unforgettable experience in the Bolivian Amazons like Madidi National Park and the Yacuma Pampas, and improve our families life quality through the eco tourism and provide effective help to conservation of our natural resources.


To be the eco touristic enterprise community founded leader in the Amazonian region in Bolivia, outstanding for it’s personalized service, efficient and professional; with a enthusiastic acceptance from our national and international clients, example of effort in improving the life quality of our families through ecotourism and it’s constant assistance for the conservation of our culture and environment, recognized by our clients and specialized organisms in Responsible and Sustainable Tourism nationally and internationally.

Logo and Brand

The logo and brand of Mashaquipe Eco Tour is represented by the “Tacu”, the jatata (Geonoma deversa) and the bluebeard macaw (Ara glaucogularis), the Tacú ,is a rustic tool useful in our communities, represents our commitment with our culture and with our society, the jatata leave has been used since unmemorable times as roofs for our houses represents the welcome we give you to our homes, it’s dark green represents for us the flora diversity, the bluebeard macaw it’s an endemic specie from the savanna, represents the fauna diversity and the endangered species, the color representes our profound commitment with the community based eco tourism.

The letters used in the logo represent our diverse offer and our personally service for our clients.


We are indigenous persons and we have more than twelve years of experience providing Eco touristic services in Madidi National Park and the Yacuma Pampas, at the beginning we worked eventually in different touristic companies from Rurrenabaque until we consolidated this new endeavor named Mashaquipe Eco Tours

The founders, owners, administrators, guides, cooks, transporters and all the personal come from different communities  we have been trained to provide quality ecotourism services and love for nature. The respect and gentleness is part of our culture and way of life in our communities, this values are found in each one of our staff. we have developed a great team who’s one and only objective is to achieve high satisfactory levels and positive and unforgettable for all who visits us in the Rain Forest Madidi National Park and the Yacuma Pampas.

Yrgens Janco Cáceres.- Founder and owner. Expert elaborating touristic trails in the rain forest, lodge designer, actual responsible of the logistic of the ecolodges besides being a naturalist guide.

Nicolás Janco Cáceres: Founder and owner, he develops as quality supervisor of our journeys, he also is guide, driver and cook.

Jesús Wilmar Janco Cáceres.- Founder and Owner, former Park Ranger of the Madidi National Park, where he learned a little more about the value of natural resources how to sustainable use them to create development opportunities for the indigenous families, and local communities, actual  manager.

María Lency Paradí Mosqueira.- Founder and owner, is our actual General Administrator.

Dimía Jenny Fariñas Medina.- Founder and owner. She out stand as cook and logistic support now a days she is responsible of providing the alimentation of our clients.

Kelly Gonzales Salvatierra.- Owner, professional nurse, she is in charge of our security and the health of our personnel and clients.

Alejandro Janco Macuapa.- He is the sales and reservation responsible of our company.

Ismael Janco Cáceres.- Naturalist guide with more than eighteen years of expertise, speaks Spanish and English. Has experience in expeditions, camping, rafting and rain Forest interpretation, surviving technics, sport and traditional fishing.

Luís Mamani Navi.- Naturalist guide out standing long range trekker, sport fishing and handcraft, speaks English and Spanish.

Ernesto Cáceres Siani.- (Billy) Naturalist guide with more than 15 years of experience, he is an out standing birdwatcher.

Cristian Puro Marupa.- Naturalist guide, born in Tumupasa his skills are the Rain Forest interpretation. Speaks English and Spanish.

Sandro Supa.- Naturalist guide, born in San Miguel, out stands for it’s rafting and camping skills and it’s great knowledge in the Rain Forest an rafting   expert in medicinal plants and interpreting the rain forest with more than twenty years of experience the Savannas. Speaks English and Spanish.

Eber Janco Macuapa.- Naturalist guide expert in our culture, local handcraft, forest interpretation, camping and rafting. Speaks english.

Wilman Matty.- Naturalist guide, born in San Miguel, out stands for it’s rafting and camping skills and it’s great knowledge in the Rain Forest an rafting   expert in medicinal plants and interpreting the rain forest with more than twenty years of experience the Savannas. Speaks English and Spanish.

Rodolfo Cartagena.- Naturalist guide expert in medicinal plants and interpreting the rain forest with more than twenty years of experience, only speaks spanish.

Wilson Conde.- Professional Chef, international, vegetarian and local food specialist.

Alain Janco.- Local cook, specialized in local food.