Daytime Walks

In Mashaquipe Eco Tours, we want you to have an unique experience during your stay in the Rain Forest (Jungle), for this reason we have developed a net of interpretative trails with different themes, where our expert native guides will tell you about the way we employ the plants for our medicine, handcraft, rituals, ecological process, also the observation of wildlife and animal behavior among others. We seek to reduce our impact in the natural environment  and provide a personalized service, for it we manage up to 5 persons per guide, generally less persons.

Nighttime Walks

Generally these walks are shorter than the daytime ones, they are thought for the observation of the bigger mammals that live in the rain forest such as: Jaguar, Tapir, Giant armadillo, deer, night monkeys and also a variety of insects and reptiles. These walks are made around the camping sites or ecolodges, although it is better to do them when we enter deep in the Rain Forest.

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Camping inside Madidi Rain Forest

In Mashaquipe we want you to have the opportunity to live a real and close experience with nature for it we have made camping sites in the depths of the Rain Forest, where you will have more opportunities to observe animals like Giant armadillo, night monkeys, tapir, ocelot, puma and hear many sounds during the night and wake up with a singular concert of monkeys and birds.


Rustic rafting

It is part of our culture to navigate rivers, during your visit to Madidi National Park you will have the opportunity to make a wooden raft (Rustic raft) and learn to sail it through the Tuichi rapids, enjoying beautiful landscapes and animals that live near the river bank; as well as to swim in the clear waters of Tuichi River.


During your visit to the Rain Forest you will have the possibility to go to one of the best sites for the observation of the “Caquiahuara” Macaws inside Madidi National Park.


Visiting our community

During your visit to the Madidi National Park we will go to our community to learn and share with our culture and way of life.


Special walks

We take you to one of the best, more beautiful and pristine sites in South America, were wildlife flourish, it’s the heart of the Madidi National Park “Alto Madidi”, there with a little luck you will appreciate the most splendid wildlife from the Amazon in its

natural habitat like jaguar, mountain lion, ocelot, giant otters, anaconda, caiman, tapir, capybara, and many species of monkeys and birds. There we can only offer camping sites for resting and will build a rustic raft to navigate the rivers.