Built inside the Rain Forest in Madidi National Park, at approximately two and a half (2 ½) hours navigating from Rurrenabaque town and five minutes walking from Tuichi river. Counts with five lodges of traditional Amazonian style, wooden and earth floors, neatened palms walls for fresh, confort and security against insects, jatata ceiling and wide windows. We have the capacity to host twenty persons in comfortable rooms with a single bed, two beds and three bed and shared rooms with five beds, all with shared bathroom.
Our lodges are surrounded by primary rain forest of Madidi National Park, here it’s normal to wake up with a concert of howling monkeys, macaws and other birds, this provides a particular uniqueness and marvelous to this place. We count with six hygienic bathrooms and five showers, all of them situated 10m and 15m away from the bedrooms. The rooms all are equipped with mosquito nets, towels, biodegradable soap, night table and toilet paper. We also have hammocks under the tree shade to rest and enjoy nature after the walks.
To reach our ecolodge “Mashaquipe” we use a of-board boat that has the capacity for eight persons comfortably seated, our boats are equipped with life vests, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, comfortable seats and what is most important a well experienced navigator.


Built in the Municipal Protected Area “Pampas del Yacuma”, at approximately two and a half (2 ½) hours driving from Rurrenabaque town and fifteen minutes navigating thru Yacuma river. It’s independence from other lodges and touristic camps and it’s indigenous style offers unique confort, elegance, tranquility and security for you to enjoy at maximum your stay in the Pampas.
The infrastructure is surrounded with palm trees, all eight rustic lodges have turtle shape made with traditional materials from the region. The ecolodge “Tortugas” offers comfortable rooms with a single bed, two beds and three bed and rooms for the entire family, we have rooms with private bathroom and with shared bathrooms. All rooms are equipped with mosquito nets, towels, biodegradable soap, night table and toilet paper, table and stools.
We have a big cafeteria with a beautiful view to the Yacuma river, from it you will be able to observe lots of animals like river dolphins, caimans, turtles and birds while you enjoy a delicious and typical meal or a refreshing fruit juice from the season.
We also offer hammocks to rest under the shade of beautiful palm trees after the walks and activities programmed during your visit in our ecolodge.


A. Our ecolodge Mashaquipe in the Madidi National Park has the capacity for twenty persons.
B. Our ecolodge Las Tortugas in the Yacuma river Municipal Protected Area has the capacity for eighteen persons.
C. Children under twelve can sleep with their parents in their rooms.
D. Our programs in the Madidi National Park are flexible and can be be modify according to the client interests, logistic and weather conditions.


  • From Rurrenabaque to the ecolodge Mashaquipe takes 2 ½ hours and the return 1 ½ horas.
  • Our boats are equipped with comfortable seats, life vests and a roof for protection against rain and sun, they have the capacity for eight persons.
  • Our guides manage up to five persons in the rain forest an six persons in the pampas, this policy is made for you to have more opportunities to enjoy nature and cause less damage.
  • Our journeys start at 8:30 in the morning, this schedule can be modify previously and with agreement with other clients when groups could be joined.
  • We return after lunch around 13:30 pm arriving at Rurrenabaque at 16:30 pm.
  • If you wish to return to La Paz the same day that the tour ends, it is posible but you must book for the last flight.
  • If you have reserved your tour to begin the same day you arrive to town and a delay or flight cancel occurs we can change the reservation for the next day, if you would like to keep schedule and start the tour the same day you would have to pay for a private transport to the ecolodge.

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