¿What to bring to the tour?

➢    Photographic or film camera.

➢    Humidity resistent binoculars.

➢    Cotton pants.

➢    Long sleeves shirts.

➢    Boots and snickers.

➢    A coat.

➢    Cotton shirts.

➢    Flashlight and batteries.

➢    Sun protector.

➢    Insect repeller.

➢    Sun glasses.

➢    Hat.

➢    Water poncho.

➢    Small backpack for day walks.

➢    Bathing suit and towels.

Note: The luggage weight permitted for the flight La Paz — Rurrenabaque — La Paz is 20 kg per person. We recommend to leave delicate and any belongings not suited for this hot climate in your hotel.


¿Are there automatic teller machines (ATM’s) in Rurrenabaque?

Yes there are ATM’s in Rurrenabaque where you could get cash in local currency, although some times they don’t work, so we recommend you to bring cash.


¿Can I pay with credit or debit card?

Yes you can pay with both, but it has a 5% commission.


¿Where can I leave my extra luggage?

You could leave your extra luggage at our oficien in Rurrenabaque, we have a safe storage for this cases.


¿Should i take pills for Malaria?

Malaria is not a common disease in Rurrenabaque, Madidi National Park or the Yacuma Pampas, there are no records of this disease.


¿Yellow fever vaccine?

The yellow fever vaccine is recommended to travel to any tropical area in the world, although in Rurrenabaque (Madidi National Park) has no record of the disease what so ever.


¿Should I take extra money to the tours?

We have snacks in our ecolodges where you could buy souvenirs, chocolates, candies, beer and soft drinks which are not included in the package, so we recommend you to bring extra cash in case you desire.


¿When does rainy season begins?  

Rainy season begins in December and lasts until end of March, it is the best season to observe and swim with dolphins in the Yacuma Pampas, and in the Rain Forest in Madidi National Park we could develop almost any activity with normality.



In case of emergencies we have a first aid kit to solve any situation occurring in this region. All of our guides are trained for emergency cases like broken bones, snake bites, but not for any other serious situation. For this we have of-board boats ready for evacuation, the ride takes 1 ½  hours to reach the town Rurrenabaque where there are hospitals.